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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  February 19, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. we're on track with rain over the area and snow on the peaks. you're looking at live pictures. we first spotted the snow this morning as temperatures dropped and rain clouds let lose for the morning commute. we have live team coverage tonight. cara liu went up mount diablo to get a closer look and ken pritchett is live in the sierra where the snow is a very welcomed sight. bill martin is tracking the conditions right now. bill-- >> reporter: we have live tracker 2 on top of mount diablo. the snow levels fairly low. just estimates when you take a look at the white line. the mountain goes to over 3,800 feet. snow level could have been below 2,000 feet. you see the snow that has been deposited. and that kind of that wood
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acre area on the east side. there's the weather system. it's a cold one. right now i'm tracking this area as it comes down the coast right see this area right here. that's got some energy so as it movers in we have a shot for a thundershower or shower from that it's going to hang just offshore. the storm tracker picks up what's left of the showers. gilroy you have some activity but dying down. there's more snow flurries possible. snow flurries still a possibility. when i come back we will put it all together and let you know how much rain we got. snow in the mountain peaks, rain down below. the storm meant a day of fun there in contra costa county. >> reporter: it sure did, we got enough snow up here between this morning and this afternoon that you could actually make snowballs and we saw quite a few people doing just that. you take a look behind me you can still see quite a bit of
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snow hanging on the branches. and even more still sticking to the ground. these snowy conditions may look more like tahoe but this is mount diablo around 3:00 this afternoon. >> reporter: rangers shut down the road from the ranger station to the summit due to the icy and snowy conditions in higher elevations. >> earlier today we got a little bit of snow it didn't stick. down here at the junction station. but it's sticking up there. it's a pretty good amount. >> reporter: dozens left their cars and walked up the hill. >> they were like i don't believe there's really snow up here. so my mom after they picked us up from school we decided to come up here and see if there was any snow and we found some snow. >> reporter: what do you think about it? >> it's very cold and windy. >> reporter: we saw a lot of snow men up here. and these guys from concord even made one and towed him up
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the hill. other parts of the east bay saw a lot of rain. some folks likely wish they had been better prepared others enjoyed it. >> i'm very happy about it actually. i know that we need a lot of rain, we've got a lot of rain early and not much in the middle. so i know that we need it. the rain also created hazardous driving conditions. caltrans worked to clear flooding on 980 in oakland. and the snow was really coming down earlier this afternoon. some polks polks -- folks told us it took them about an hour to camp to the campground where they had to park. if you take a look out here live, it is quite a view. the folks who finally made it out here told us it was worth
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it. cara liu. and doris sent us this picture of hail today. ken pritchett join us live. he is live from blue canyon with a look at how big the mess is tonight, ken -- >> reporter: we've actually had a break from the snow here at blue canyon for about an hour. right before this hit there's a hole here where you can see. this is about 6-inches of snow that's come down this morning and this afternoon. behind me here, this is westbound interstate 880. traffic is actually moving right now. that was not the case early this afternoon. it was a mess out here. in fact, we found some people who simply gave up and went back home. it was once drive's made their way past chain controls where the problems really began. we saw a truck spinning out unable to get traction even on a gentle slope.
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it was a slow drive. chain controls were up at soda springs. we've already hit chain controls and we're already facing problems. this semi truck to our left is spinning out so is a small suv right in front of it. the chp says there were too many spin outs to count. it was more than laura slate and her family expected. >> i don't know if we're going to make it now. >> you may end upturn around. >> exactly, we may end up going home because they said they closed the freeway down at colfax. >> we're here at 5,200 feet. this is the nayak gas station. we stopped here because our wipers were having a difficult time getting the snow off the window 30 minutes here just 30 minutes and this is what piled up on our truck. >> there were very few customers here at nayak early this afternoon as the interstate both east and
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westbound had been shut down. it reopened but tim gorman said he had gone far enough. >> i went down highway 20, got stuck on 20. decided to go on highway 80. got stuck on 80 so we've given it up and going home. >> reporter: when you look at those head lights you can see that visibility is an issue up here it's starting, the visibility is actually getting poorer out here. as for chain controls they're in effect from gold run to truckee. i talked to the chp about an hour and a half ago, they said as far as the number of spin outs out here they said it was an absurd number of spin outs fortunately no major injuries to report. on blue canyon, ken pritchett, ktvu news. >> follow our ktvu weather team 24 hours a day on facebook, twitter any where you go. san francisco detectives are trying to come up with new clues in the unsolved killing of a well liked grocery store
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worker. new at 6:00, paul chambers live in san francisco where the victim was gunned down while just walking down the street for no apparent reason. paul-- >> reporter: frank we're live outside sfpd where they say they have very little to go on in this case. a senseless killing of a beloved grocery store clerk. today they released his photo in hopes someone will come forward. his name was ernesto acosta but his friends just called him che. this 24-year-old worked at this store. outside the store flowers and a picture to remember him. >> it's weird not seeing him anymore just because like i said how much light he brought to our store. >> reporter: today we went to the intersection of webster and hayes trees in san francisco. this is where police say at 2:00 in the morning, acosta was heading to a friend's home where he was going to drop off some of his belongings, he never made it. >> he was walking down the street, he was violently shot and killed and the suspects took off. there was no robbery, no
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altercation. there was nothing that preceded this shooting. >> reporter: police say acosta had no prior arrests. these pictures were taken over the weekend at a memorial for costa in san francisco and back at his hometown in el centro valley. where they called him an angelic man gone too soon. >> he used to be on check stand a all the time. and i used to come people come up and say where's che i have something to give him. this person must not known him one bit, because he had no enemies. >> now police say no witnesses have come forward at this time. so if you know anything about this case they ask you give them a call. live in san francisco i'm paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. san jose police say a convicted felon could face life in prison under three strikes if he's convicted for a brutal assault and robbery. 54-year-old edward brown attacked a woman as she walked
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home on south ninth street february 11. brown punched her and slammed her head into the ground before grabbing her head. two good samaritans were hurt while trying to help her. police arrested brown two days later. the city council is supposed to go over a proposal from chp. >> we have been giving chp a grant over the last few weeks and i'm hoping that could continue. we're asking the council to make the money a match. >> the money would pay for 10 chp officers and two sergeants. the chp began patrolling the city back in december on its own budget but plans to end those patrols by the end of this month. people taking prescription drugs to get high could be arrested as drunk drivers under legislation introduced today.
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the bill's author lou carillo says there should be zero tolerance for driving under the influence of controlled substances. the measure would include painkillers such at oxicotin, vicadin and perkesit. state lawmakers gathered at the capital today to hear testimony on how the department of parks and recreation hid millions of the dollars in funds. an investigation by the state auditor uncovered that the parks department used incomplete and outdated information to determine operating costs at the 70 state parks that were at risk of closing back in 2011. >> department cannot tell the public or the legislator or my office what it costs to operate a specific cost. >> we're right in the middle of where we are now. we kind of expect to do that in
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some great detail before the next detail cycle. >> lawmakers now want to know where all that money went. only on 2 tonight. our exclusive new ktvu field poll shows california voters -- 24% of california voters approve the job congress is doing. 69% disapprove. about 34% of california voters are registered at democrats compared to 39% republican. numi in san francisco says it's all door policy on buses and trains are making for faster boarding. the agency started letting passiers -- letting
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passengers board at any door. police in the south bay are warning residents about door to door solicitors. just this year they've received 80 reports of unwanted solicitors in los gatos and monte cerrito. both require city permits to solicit and that solicitors without permits should be reported. a cyber strike against apple. coming up in just five minutes how hackers pulled off the largers attack in the bay area company's history. >> then home values are rising. we're pinpointing the residents where the housing markets are booming. >> right after the break, we'll reveal how an observant hotel employee and a call to police helped rescue young women in trouble. >> the poor victims, they'll be grateful for everybody.
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a san francisco couple is behind bars tonight for allegedly forcing three women and a teenage girl into prostitution. ktvu's allie rasmus tells us the steep penalties they could face under a new law. >> reporter: police say four young women were held against their will and forced into prostitution. south san francisco police arrested sate jones and maria jimenez both 25 for human trafficking, pimping and pandering. they're accused of pimping a 16- year-old, two 18-year-olds and a 20-year-old woman. >> they responded to an ad soliciting a job.
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>> reporter: the suspect withheld food. at the la quinta in a clerk noticed something unusual and called police. >> the four victims they'll be grateful forever because now they're out of this situation. >> this is modern day slavery. >> reporter: al cerrato says the penalties for human trafficking have increased. now it's 20 years to life in prison if a minor is involved. >> we certainly hope that it acts as a deterrent but i think quite frankly it's the right response. >> serrato says they will try to pursue the maximum penalty for those suspects because one of the victims was just 16 years old. san jose police say they have rescued a girl who told them she has worked as a prostitute since she was 11
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years old. detectives say under cover officers posed as johns on monterey hospital to embargo road. officers made 14 arrests including four johns last week. the 16-year-old girl who is from the east bay is now in protective custody. apple says it is working with a security company to find out who hacked their system. apple says it appears the malware came from a website for software developers. the tech giant says hackers exploited a weakness in a browser plug in. in the past, apple computers had been considered less vulnerable. zillo said it's projecting all but one zip code
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in the area will see increased values. not surprising some of the biggest gains will be in the low end markets like vacaville, sasun city and fairfield. san francisco they're going to thrive.we're talking about noe valley, the castro, the mission district and vernal heights. what about portola valley and palo alto? they could see home values increase by 12%. well today's storm system brought snow to bay area mountain peaks, this is what it looked like earlier today on mount hamilton in the south bay. there wasn't just a dusting but a nice flurry of snow that filled the air and stuck to the ground. crews closed off mount hamilton road due to all the snow.
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meantime the santa cruz mountains got both snow and rain creating slushy conditions and slick roadways. we saw accidents on the roadway, they were all weather related. the wild weather set off what appears to be a tornado in northern california this afternoon. check this out, this is home video provided to the red bluff daily news this afternoon. the national weather service says a weak tornado was spotted south of red bluff this afternoon. the funnel cloud had top winds of 40 to 70 miles per hour. so what can we expect next? that was a cool picture there. chief meteorologist bill martin joins us now. he is live in the weather center. >> that was a great picture. with all the cameras you start seeing them. but during the day you would never see a tornado that well formed. they have always happened but now they're getting documentation. that's one of the better tornadoes i've seen in all these years in the north
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county. here's what we have for rainfall. it came down, came hard fast and furious. seems like it's going to be a major rain. not that much. it didn't last that long. the rain was coming but only lasted a few hours. as we suspected, rainfall accumulation most of us under a half inch, quarter of an inch. a winter storm in february this is, you want more and we're not going get more. this is i think it with a few scattered showers lingering as we get into tonight and a little bit into tomorrow they should be done. daytime highs are in the 40s. i'm getting reports of snow levels down below 1,000 feet. we talked about mount diablo. i'm getting reports all over the area of people experiencing snow above 1,000 feet. that puts snow in a lot of places. that doesn't mean it's sticking. radar picking up what's left. and this has been clearing up rapidly. you've been watching from 5:00 to 6:00 as it finishes through
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the bay area. it's going to start off very cool tomorrow. as we get into the day it's going to warm up. tomorrow's daytime highs are going to warm up. there you go. there's nothing behind this to bring us any rain. overnight lows are going to be in the freezing range. this is what i'm tracking right now. this is a big deal expect it's staying offshore. this has a lot of dynamics with it. it's not going this way it's going that way. we may see a thundershower or rain. right now it doesn't seem like that's going to happen. these are the forecast highs for tomorrow. today's highs upper 40s, low 50s. tomorrow's highs upper 50s. you might even see a 60 that's interesting. as we go to the five day forecast. you see it clearing out rapidly. chance of a sprinkle saturday or sunday. this isn't what you need in february. what we need in february is -- >> more. >> these storms maybe an 1-1/2
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to 2-inches. >> that was quick in and out. quick turn around. >> 70-degrees a couple of days ago. >> absolutely. >> thanks, bill. send us your photos of the wet weather, the storm damage or you and your family enjoying the snow on twin peaks. you can postthem on our facebook or twitter wall. continuing coverage of today's long awaited winter storm and the snow it left behind. plus in one neighborhood -- >> it's a solid sheet of metal and this homeowner was surprised when it came flying over her house and three others from across the street. landing in her backyard. the effects of the storm. >> join us at 7:00 on tv 36. the shove everyone saw. in three minutes the cal basketball player talks about the heated court side exchange.
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mark join us now with a controversy from cal. >> in this day of age of social media you make a little mistake or a big mistake in this case with mike montgomery shoving a player it's just not going to go away. it's all over the news, it's
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nationwide. and it's a situation where mike montgomery after all his years of great service will probably be much remembered for this. the shoving of alan crab in sunday's game to so called psych him up and get him going. but this video has been played thousands of times and today crab pretty much had his coach's back. >> he did it to spark my play. i don't take it as anything negative i take it as motivation. you know like he expects a lot out of me. if i want to be a leader on this team i can't play like today's first quarter. he helped me get my mind focused on the game and that's that. >> one thing that maybe hasn't been said enough about alan crab he deserves a lot of credit from refraining from physically going back at the coach. as a matter of fact i think he deserves a little credit for that because when you get shoved physically, your immediate reaction is to shove back or maybe even worse. so the kid showed a lot of
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restraint. he deserves some credit. >> talk about a guy who deserves a raise. how about buster posey after his sensational year of last season. his salary will go up 13 times from what he made last year when he was the most valuable player. the batting champ, the come back player of the year and a world series winner. this year he will make $8 million compared to just over $500,000 that he made last season as a giant. and when they eventually get around to signing him to a multi year deal that 8 million is going to look minuscule as well. buster posey. meantime, the warriors up in utah tonight. full highlights at 10:00, but that is the sports life for now. >> that's a nice little raise. >> i think he's worth it. >> you talk about these guys, what he's making that guy.
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but buster posey whatever he gets he deserves. >> he contributes a lot to that team. mark, thank you. tonight on the 10:00 news, the jobs city leaders are considering handing out to local people who are living on the streets. >> thank you for trusting ktv you -- ktvu channel -- 2 news. we're always here for you on and mobile ktvu.


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